The Basics

This document gives someone you trust the authority to make legal and financial decisions on your behalf during an emergency or medical crisis.

The Benefits

Peace of Mind

If anything ever happens to you, know that your family and loved ones will be able to make important financial decisions.

Avoid Courts & Legal Fees

Make sure your hard earned money doesn't get tied up in the legal system during a serious illness or accident.


When does a financial power of attorney go into effect?

This document goes into effect immediately upon being signed and witnessed by all parties. It will last until the grantor formally revokes it or passes away.

Can a financial power of attorney be revoked?

Yes. See our blog post to learn how to change or revoke your financial power of attorney.

Can I still manage my money and property after signing a financial power of attorney?

Yes. As long as you're still able to make decisions for yourself.

What can my financial agent do on my behalf?

You can grant your agent as much power as you feel comfortable with them having. This can be as broad as being able to act for you in all financial matters, or as limiting as only being able to pay bills to care for your family.

What's a durable power of attorney for finances?

Simply put, it's a way to legally allow someone you trust, a.k.a your "financial agent", to manage your finances if you become incapacitated and are unable to make decisions yourself.