The Basics

Express your preferences about life support and future medical care in the event you become unable to communicate these choices due to a serious illness, accident, or injury.

What's Included

A state-specific document that allows you to specify what actions should be taken if you are no longer able to communicate your medical wishes. This includes treatments you'd prefer, life support options, pain management and desired quality of life.

The Benefits

Avoid Unwanted Medical Care

Ensure that you receive medical care that represents your values and beliefs, and avoid unnecessary medical bills by allowing your doctors to make decisions you actually want.

Protect Your Family From Painful Decisions

Prevent your family from having to guess what kind of care or treatment you would want in challenging situations.

Prevent Disagreements By Eliminating Confusion

In the event your family is unable to agree on a treatment option, your clearly stated wishes can prevent conflict between your loved ones. The last thing your family should have to worry about during a moment of crisis is a legal battle about already painful decisions.


Who should I discuss my living will with?

You should discuss your living will with anyone you list as a medical decision maker. We provide clear guidance regarding who should receive copies of your documents in the packet we send to you upon completion.

What happens if I don't have a living will?

Without a living will, doctors are required to keep you on life support, and may also give you treatment that goes against your beliefs.