Giveback Beyond Your Family

Our mission is to empower people to protect their loved ones, while making an impact by doing good for others.

How Giveback Works

We’ve designed Tootles Giveback to make a positive impact on society by allowing you to protect your loved ones, while supporting causes you care about.

Select Plans

You get a Tootles plan, and select a nonprofit you care about.


We take 10% out of the net profits from your plan.

Giving Back

And we give that money back to the nonprofit you've chosen.

Making An Impact

When we started Tootles, we wanted to create a new kind of legal company. That's why we make sure you're covered, while making a mark on a cause you care about. Give back simply by protecting your loved ones with a Tootles plan.

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Want to protect your loved ones?

Choose a plan that best fits your needs, and gain peace of mind knowing your family will always be in good hands.

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